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Major Trade Show: Source Africa

As Africa’s profile as a destination for apparel sourcing firms grows, it is more aggressively touting their commercial virtues. To this end, the continent will be hosting a major trade show designed to advertise their resources, newfound business acumen and facilitate industry networking.

The event is called “Source Africa,” and is set to take place May 6-8 in Cape Town. “We have great plans to in store for next year’s event to boost intra-Africa, as well as international trade for our industry,” said William Scalco from LTE South Africa.

The event aims to boost Africa’s prominence in the textile and garment industry by advertising its price competitiveness, rapidly improving infrastructure, superabundance of skilled labor and high standards of production quality. Scalco beamed, “An exciting development is that all the USAID Trade Hubs have indicated their interest in partnering with us to grow Source Africa into the most important trade event for the footwear, clothing and textiles industries in Africa. An extensive marketing and promotional campaign will be launched to attract even more African and international trade buyers and exhibitors.”

More and more, industry experts consider trade shows important instruments to stimulate national apparel industries. Complex regulations at the local and international level often make the expansion of commerce beyond national borders problematic, while trade shows can be uniquely effective in courting business and promoting networking.

Zerif Kircicek, general manager of Zares textile, Turkish manufacturing company, noted the significance of trade shows. “We are participating in trade shows to introduce new products, to increase the company’s current market share, build new relationships and for competition monitoring,” he said.

Government agencies in Africa, West Asia and South Asia have all been investing in trade shows. Vietnamese trade representatives have been attending conferences all across Africa looking to make important business connections.