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Nordstrom to Launch French-Flavored Pop Up Shops

In the wake of its hugely profitable Topshop shop-in-shops, up-market Nordstrom will continue launching pop-ups, with eight new locations earmarked for opening with a French theme.

The stand-alone shops will sport an identifying green and white décor.

Nordstrom has not yet announced the locations of the new pop-ups it intends to open, but knowledgeable speculation says they’ll be launched in major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Washington DC and somewhere in South Florida.

The new French themed offerings from Nordstrom will also appear online, starting October 10, at “Pop-In @ Nordstrom.”

Product offerings will include vintage Chanel and YSL bags, and items from Merci in Paris.  Nordstrom is currently the exclusive US retailer of Merci in Paris products.

Nordstrom announced that other new marketing concepts will be launched in the future.