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Nordstrom Takes Prize for Favorite Fashion Retailer Second Year in a Row

Upscale retailer Nordstrom Inc., known for its supreme level of customer service, is once again North America’s favorite fashion retailer, according to a Market Force Information study.

The customer intelligence company published the results of a new study last month based on 6,821 U.S. and Canadian consumers surveyed on their store preferences and which shops they thought to be most popular stores over five clothing categories (casual wear, business wear, sports apparel, children’s wear and shoes). Rankings were first calculated based on total votes, then store counts were factored in for a weighted view of the findings.

Nordstrom took the prize for preferred retailer for the second consecutive year, with nearly double the votes of runner-up Kohl’s, followed by Macy’s, J.C. Penney, with T.J. Maxx coming in fifth as overall favorite retailer.

Researchers attribute Nordstrom’s lead to an extremely loyal shopper-base gained through great customer service and a very liberal return policy.

Janet Eden-Harris, chief marketing officer for Market Force said, “While we often see retailers get caught up in price wars, believing the best deals will win consumers’ hearts and minds, our research shows us this isn’t necessarily the case.”

When asked why they prefer one retailer over another, 64 percent of consumers again cited Nordstrom as a favorite for store atmosphere, 59 percent like it for the return policy, 56 percent for the helpful aid of its associates, 52 percent for the friendliness of those associates, 50 percent for their knowledge and 27 percent of shoppers prefer Nordstrom for having a website that compliments the store.

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With the rise of omnichannel marketing, success in a seamless transition between brick and click will prove to be a continued boon for retailers.

In terms of value, Burlington Coat Factory ranked first followed by T.J. Maxx with Ross and Walmart taking the lead in lowest prices.

When consumers want casual clothing, they overwhelmingly head to Kohl’s, then to Macy’s and Walmart. But Kohl’s wasn’t just a hit for comfort-wear; shoppers visit the mid-range department store chain for business apparel and children’s wear too. The Children’s Place and Target followed as preferring picks for youth apparel and accessories.

DSW took the lead as the best place to buy shoes with 107 votes over Kohl’s twenty-two and eight for Payless ShoeSource.

Eden-Harris added that, “as we see with strong performers like Nordstrom and Kohl’s, it’s service-oriented factors like generous return policies and friendly associates that breed customer satisfaction and loyalty.”