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Oeko-Tex to Expand and Refresh Branding Initiatives

Oeko-Tex is growing its brand and product portfolio.

Along with its annual test method update, the Swiss textile compliance and testing company will debut a new cohesive branding strategy, in addition to new products, in early 2017. Oeko-Tex’s new branding foundation will bring together all independent certifications and services under the Oeko-Tex banner in a way that is applicable throughout the international market.

The tag line, “Confidence in Textiles,” will feature prominently in every product logo to connect to the association’s heritage for protecting consumers and supporting sustainable products and manufacturing processes.

“Our Oeko-Tex product range will continue to expand with the worldwide textile supply chain and the increasing challenges it poses for our customers,” Oeko-Tex general secretary Georg Dieners said. “We are proud of the confidence we have earned through that work as well as the confidence the Oeko-Tex brand gives to consumers everywhere.”

Oeko-Tex’s rebranding will kick off the company’s 25th anniversary. Established in 1992 to address the issue of hazardous chemicals in textiles, the International Oeko-Tex Association has expanded to 16-member testing and research institutes in more than 60 countries. Oeko-Tex’s product portfolio has grown along with textile supply chain globalization and will continue to evolve as the textile market shifts in the future.

Oeko-Tex’s new branding will be implemented right away with the yearly January update. Design updates for the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex and STeP by Oeko-Tex will be completed by the end of October. Updated certificates and label templates will also be available immediately for Oeko-Tex’s 10,000 partner companies.