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Sportswear Veteran Debuts Denim Designed for Outdoor Sports

When most people think of performing intense outdoor activities that require a lot of movement, like rock climbing, skating or hiking, seldom would they consider a pair of fitted jeans as the go-to attire for such physicality.

Meridian Line is changing the way the outdoor adventurer dresses with the introduction of its new line of jeans, dubbed Momentum Denim, which the company has designed to be comfortable for outdoor activities.

“We developed a jean that has got lots of stretch, so it’s great for range of motion. You can climb, skate, travel and hike,” co-founder Benji Thrasher said on the brand’s Kickstarter page. “The goal was to build a jean that looks like a jean, but functioned like an outdoor pant.”

With more than 20 years in the sportswear apparel industry, Thrasher brings to the company experience gained from being part of the design team at notable sportswear apparel companies, like Quiksilver, Billabong, O’neill and prAna. The company is also co-owned by Jeremy Collins, a noted artist and rock climber.

Thanks to the creative collaborative efforts of Thrasher and Collins, Momentum Denim combines design, art and function. The collection includes the women’s Velocity and men’s Gravity. The jeans are constructed from a blend of organic cotton for breathability, polyester for durability and fast-drying properties, plus 2 percent spandex for movement.

The inside pockets, yoke and kick-plate in the cuff are adorned with Collins’ signature Falcon and Salmon artwork.

“When I went looking through my library to decide what piece of art I wanted, I quickly chose the Falcon and Salmon compass. The concept is the internal compass of these wild animals…I’d like to think that when I’m traveling I have that kind of inner intuition about where I’m traveling,” Collins said.

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The team wants the line to not only provide comfort and ease while performing outdoor activities, but also focus on not harming the planet.

“We started a clothing brand because we decided the world was not going to stop buying clothes. We had the resources and the knowledge to develop clothes in a responsible, sustainable way,” Collins said.

That’s why, while sourcing materials for the line, Thrasher toured factory floors and visited with communities where those factories are located to develop personal relationships. The brand says it’s also committed to the use of organic cotton and dyeing practices that reduce negative impacts on the environment and water waste.

Collins started Meridian Line in 2014, selling graphic T-shirts and accessories displaying his artwork. In 2016, Thrasher came on board with the idea of creating a jean infused with art that would allow the wearer to easily transition from the streets to the outdoors without the need to change.

Now the twosome has created a Kickstarter to help fund their new line. Supporters can donate to the cause for a starting rate of $25 in exchange for a Meridian Line T-shirt, or $230 or more for two of the men’s jeans, two of the women’s, two tees and two hats.