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Patagonia To Sell Fair Trade Certified Apparel

Patagonia, Inc., an outdoor clothing colossus with global reach, will offer a line of Free Trade Certified apparel in the Fall of 2014.

A written statement from Free Trade USA said Patagonia would pay a premium into a workers’ fund for every Free Trade garment sold by the California-based company.

A consensus of workers will determine how the money will be spent among a variety of high-priority community necessities.

These include education scholarships, disaster relief, medical care and transportation.

Fair Trade USA, a non-profit organization, describes its work as auditing and certifying transactions between companies and their international suppliers to help ensure that farmers and workers are paid fair prices and wages.

Other additional significant programs of Fair Trade USA, include its work to ensure that employees work in safe conditions, to protect the environment, and to receive development funds to empower and improve their communities.

“Offering Fair Trade products is an important new tool for use to help ensure fair wages and workplace safety for the workers in the supply chain who sew Patagonia clothes,” said Cara Chacon, Director of Social and Environmental Responsibility for Patagonia, quoted in a written statement issued by Fair Trade USA.

“This effort is part of a larger strategy to raise awareness with our customers on how they can make a difference in the world with their purchasing decisions,” she said.

Patagonia, Inc., designs and retails clothing for the outdoors and for various environments such as snow, surf and sports activities, and for fly fishing.  The firm also offers a line of footwear and outdoor equipment and  accessories.

In accord with its activist policy efforts to protect the environment, Patagonia has donated more that $55 million in cash grants and contributions in-kind.