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Polartec Develops New Breathable, Waterproof Fabric

Polartec and Teton Bros are working together to develop a new breathable and waterproof fabric.

The company partnered with Japanese apparel brand Teton Bros. to create new versions of Polartec’s NeoShell for its TB 2.0 Jacket. The new NeoShell fabrics provide wearers with breathability, comfort, repellency and supple stretch.

“There are other stretchy waterproof fabrics on the market, but not with the breathability of NeoShell,” said Polartec’s global product manager for weather protection, Peter Lord. “The new knit NeoShell styles we’ve engineered are the softest, most breathable and most comfortable NeoShell fabrics ever created.”

Teton Bros. came to be because its founders, Nori and Junko Suzuki, needed garments for their high-exertion activity in the mountains. After Polartec debuted NeoShell, Teton Bros. was one of the first apparel brands to use the fabric to advance its waterproof gear.

NeoShell’s new versions were created with different fabrics on both sides of the membrane, which can be altered for different performance qualities. With these advanced capabilities in mind, Nori Suzuki requested that Polartec design even more breathable, repellent and durable NeoShell fabrics for the Teton Bros. 2.0 jacket, which is the clothing company’s most popular garment.

As a result, a new durable 70 by 160 denier mechanical stretch nylon NeoShell fabric was created. The new fabric’s woven texture balances drape and stretch for greater mobility of the body. Polartec also launched an additional NeoShell fabric, which is highly abrasion resistant and contains a durable Supplex nylon woven face to for the jacket’s shoulders and waist. Both NeoShell fabrics are put together with a proprietary fine gauge and circular knit textile on the interior of the jacket. Unlike traditional tricot waterproof fabric linings, both materials are softer, more flexible and less prone to snagging.

Polartec and Teton Bros. also released a microsite  to share their collaborative development story, which highlights the NeoShell fabric’s inspiration, production and consumer benefits.