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Premiere Vision Paris Puts Focus on Sourcing for Next Edition

Première Vision Paris is enhancing the sourcing and manufacturing aspects of its next edition, set for September 19 to 21 at the Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte in Paris.

With a focus on Asia Pacific sourcing, “The Sourcing Connection” area will feature a selection of exhibiting companies that have at least 65 percent compliance with the market standards as confirmed through an audit by Bureau Véritas, measuring  production units and chains, and the application of workforce and wage regulations.

Alongside Première Vision Manufacturing, with fashion manufacturing specialists from the Euro-Mediterranean basin and Indian Ocean nations, Première Vision Group is bolstering its manufacturing sourcing proposals through three other initiatives.

There’s a broadened offering of leather goods and footwear suppliers in an area called Bag & Shoe Manufacturing, a fashion area dubbed Bag & Shoe Elements, and a special “Country Focus – Spotlight on Tunisia.”

Organizers said through these manufacturing areas, along with its core focus on materials such as yarns, fabrics, leathers, patterns and accessories, the Première Vision group aims to implement an international sourcing strategy to serve increasingly global and multi product fashion brands.

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The aim is also to meet the needs of changing markets seeking complementary and more diversified sourcing solutions that include near-shore, volume and specialized sourcing. The strategy is to enrich the sourcing offer in terms of geographic regions, as well as market segments and product specificities.

The first-time Country Focus space, which will now be held at each September session, has chosen Tunisia to inaugurate the new event. The Mediterranean countries–Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey–gained market share last year, with imports to Europe increased to 17.9% from 17.6% in 2015.

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The Tunisia Focus aims to mobilize, support and promote the resurgence of the Tunisian textile sector and the design of the space will be created by the organizers of the Tunis Fashion Week. They have the support of the Ministry of Industry, and the cooperation of the new Tunisian Federation of Textiles and Clothing and trade group Cepex.

The project includes the creation of a capsule fashion line called The National Collection. It was designed by Braim Klei, known for his rebellious anti-fashion stance, and was shown on the runways at the latest Tunis Fashion Week in May.

The National Collection embodies the new, closer ties being forged between the textile industry and fashion designers and aims to help Tunisian brands emerge on the international scene.