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Press Release: Apparel Powerhouse Launches New Contender For Best Base Layer

(Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, June 2013)   The Team that brought Polartec® (fleece) to the world market place is now launching a new brand of high-performance base layer apparel. This new brand is poised to capture the attention of eco-conscious consumers across a broad spectrum, from outdoor enthusiasts to fashion-forward trend setters.

The Brand is called Komafram, which means ” To Bring Forward”, and its CEO is Danny Feuerstein. Komafram is in partnership with Ambassador Enterprises, a for-profit philanthropic equity firm committed to investing in leaders and the organizations they lead. Komafram aspires to the inspirational model of Danny’s father, Aaron Feuerstein, the former owner and CEO of Malden Mills Industries – and Founder of Komafram. In terms of corporate responsibility, Aaron has set a high standard of commitment to employees, and living by the mantra of doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons. Innovation, performance and style, combined with high ethical standards are what Komafram is all about.

Komafram: Where Luxury Meets Performance

Komafram is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want apparel that aligns peak performance with superior comfort and style. Komafram feels better, wears better and looks better than other base layers–and it delivers an unprecedented performance. Its alpaca based fiber blends are generating lightweight, luxurious, and durable odor-free fabrics. In essence, Komafram combines an exceptionally soft, next-to-skin “feel”, with outstanding thermal regulation and moisture management. For every climate extreme, from desert heat to winter cold, Komafram offers exceptional performance.

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Building a Better Fiber

Alpaca is at the center of Komafram’s unique natural yarn blends. Alpaca fibers are remarkably soft and luxurious. They also perform exceedingly well in tests for moisture management and thermal regulation; and for breathability and odor resistance. These fibers defy synthetic replication. In each strand of alpaca fiber there are hollow pockets that facilitate performance. Alpacas have a spectacular history of survival in the Andes Mountains, where they have managed to thrive for centuries in climate extremes.

Komafram yarns include TENCEL®, a cellulosic fiber derived from the wood pulp of harvested tree farms. TENCEL is a pure fiber that supports totally natural hygiene and ecological production.  A life cycle analysis demonstrates the sustainable attributes of TENCEL in relation to water, land and energy usage. The unique closed loop process makes TENCEL the fiber of the future since the solvent used is recycled at 99.6percent within the closed loop process. This special process received the “European Award for the Environment” from the European Union.


Based in Chicago, Komafram is an American brand–Made in the USA–supported by a stellar network of exceptionally talented and skilled people who are committed to quality, innovation and community. “Doing the right thing” with respect to how and where products are made is essential to the Komafram DNA. Green innovation requires consistent high-level design, ingenuity and manufacturing quality. Komafram is committed to the idea that the best green products are made by skilled American workers.

Komafram is introducing a product line for 2013 Fall/Holiday. Its product selection will include base layers in a variety of weights and styles; and additionally, several styles of performance socks. Komafram is offering an on-trend color palate in saturated fall tones together with deep blacks, ivory and gray.

The Science Behind the Style

The abundance of green on runways reflects a dynamic fashion trend. As the fashion world incorporates environmental and ethical concerns into brand identity, sustainability is becoming the new normal. In other words, eco-chic is going mainstream. Team Komafram believes that green fashion is moving away from shapeless, colorless, and scratchy products; and into garments of luxurious comfort and cutting edge style. There is a deliberate shift toward presenting sustainability as not separate from fashion–but as fashion at its best. Komafram pursues “change through beauty” by working with skilled designers and artisans to create sustainable style.

To learn more about Komafram, please contact