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PurThread Develops New Technology for Disease Fighting Textiles

PurThread Technologies has teamed up with Kodak to incorporate a bacteria-battling agent into medical textiles and performance fabrics.

The antimicrobial element helps destroy or inhibit growth of disease-causing microorganisms and prevent odor in materials used for healthcare textiles. The process–which won PurThread a 2013 TechAmerica award–embeds the agent into synthetic fibers prior to spinning and weaving them into fabric so that the antimicrobial effects are consistent throughout the product.

PurThread will incorporate the agent into its healthcare textile line for things like medical scrubs, lab coats, hospital room privacy curtains and bed linens, and also in some fitness apparel like polo shirts and base layers.

Lisa Grimes, PurThread Technologies president and CEO said, “With Kodak’s superior technology, our products have delivered consistently high marks for effectiveness in protecting fabrics from odor-causing organisms.

The products have also succeeded in protecting fabrics from disease-causing organisms. In a trial during product testing, privacy curtains woven with the antimicrobial technology resisted contamination seven times longer than curtains without the agent. Non-antimicrobial curtains were eight times more likely to become tainted by the superbug VRE, a bacteria known to cause infection in the body that could develop into serious illness in those who are already weak or ill.

PurThread is also working with textile leaders in hopes of bringing the new technology to consumer brands.