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Report: Disconnected Experiences are Detrimental to Consumer Loyalty

Consumers are cutting the cord with retailers that don’t deliver what they want.

According to MuleSoft’s 2017 Connected Consumer Report, 63 percent of consumers would consider switching retailers if they didn’t have connected experience. And more than half (52 percent) of consumers also agreed that they regularly experience disconnected dealings with retailers.

Similar to ditching insurance companies that don’t deliver on desired services, consumers are also abandoning retailers that aren’t in sync with their preferences. 

“Today’s consumer expects a fully connected and highly personalized experience, but it is clear that organizations across the private and public sectors are falling short,” MuleSoft EMEA and CTO Ian Fairclough said. “As the figures in the connected consumer report show, siloed data and systems can have a negative impact on customer loyalty.”

The report found four key factors that are contributing to these disconnected consumer experiences: poor personalization, lack of personal information, delayed customer service, and retailer-focused communication.

Digital devices are a major part of the consumer purchasing process, yet most retailers aren’t effectively capturing consumers on their devices or providing them with personalized promotions. The report found that only 45 percent of consumers felt they got a personalized experience from retailers. Consumers also complained that retailers provided them with irrelevant advertisements and recommendations. And despite consumers willingness to share social media data, the report advised retailers to hone in on specific parts of the consumer journey, rather than the whole picture, for optimal personalization.

Consumer frustration continues to mount when personal information is not accurate in a retailer’s system. Forty-nine percent of consumers said they find it annoying to have to re-input or re-submit personal data they previously provided during their purchasing journey. Consumers are more likely to abandon their purchases, whether its in-store or online, if it requires extra time to re-enter previously saved information.

Delayed customer service is also a problem for consumers. When shoppers need more details about a product, they demand a quick and sufficient response from sales associates. In the report, 65 percent of consumers found it unacceptable for retailers to show inaccurate information about product inventory. Retailers may even further fuel the fire of issue by not syncing online and offline systems, which causes consumers not to receive real-time updates on desired items.

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Lastly, consumers want to call the shots on how they communicate with retailers. If sharing information with retailers is too difficult, 22 percent of consumers said they would give up on an activity or request. Further, 27 percent of millennial shoppers said they would abandon their relationship with a retailer if the purchasing process was too complicated.