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Streetwear Comes to the Kitchen in New Luxury Collab

Yet another fashion brand is looking to home goods for inspiration and innovation, following tie-ups between Gap and Walmart, Levi’s and Target, and Wrangler and Pottery Barn.

Now, one of the streetwear-meets-luxury realm’s rising stars brings its signature aesthetic into the center of domesticity, hearth and home.

Instant Brands, the producer of the Instant Pot and Pyrex, has partnered with ready-to-wear label Rhude on a limited-edition collection of kitchen staples, from a pressure cooker to a chef’s knife, Pyrex food storage containers, measuring cup, and dinnerware. Founded by designer Rhuigi Villaseñor in 2015, Los Angeles-based Rhude is known for its upscale urban styling and wardrobe essentials ranging from sweat sets to bodysuits, leather jackets and snap-back caps.

According to Illinois-based Instant Brands, the Late Summer collection was named for and inspired by Villaseñor’s mother, Teresita, who imparted her cooking savvy to her son. The designer aims to reimagine the classic tools they use in the kitchen together through his own fashion-inspired lens.

Villaseñor was inspired by spending time in the kitchen with his mother.
Villaseñor was inspired by spending time in the kitchen with his mother. Rhude

“I feel privileged that my designs and the beauty I am able to bring to the iconic portfolio of Instant Brands can be part of ‘together moments’ when people use these products to cook and enjoy food with loved ones,” Villaseñor said. “For the next person who recalls a special time when they gathered around an Instant Pot, or ate off of Corelle plates, stored their food away in Pyrex dishes, or sharpened their Chicago Cutlery Knives they will remember these designs as part of those memories and that is an honor for all of us at Rhude.”

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The streetwear brand’s signature yellow replaces Pyrex’s iconic red branding for the first time in the cookware label’s history. The “Rhude” logo features on most pieces in the collection, outside of the dinnerware, which is branded with an “R” and adorned with denim blue bandana-inspired motifs. The cutting board is also emblazoned with paisley patterning, while the chef’s knife sports the Rhude logo on its blade. Launching on and on Nov. 1, the collection retails for $60-$600.

Pyrex storage containers were revamped in Rhude's signature yellow.
Pyrex storage containers were revamped in Rhude’s signature yellow. Rhude

“As an expression of gratitude to all our consumers and the loyalty they’ve shown us for decades, we wanted to wow our fans on an entirely new level,” Ben Gadbois, president and CEO of Instant Brands, said in a statement. “And through this collaboration, we hope to inspire a new generation of fans at the intersection of fashion, lifestyle and cooking.”

Earlier this month, Le Creuset dropped its own line of chambray-inspired dutch ovens and saucepans, all in a shade of blue reminiscent of a well-worn button-down shirt.