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Ron Johnson Launches Retail Site

Ron Johnson, the former Apple executive who helped fuel the fanaticism for the brand who then moved on to J.C. Penney where his tenure was notoriously bad, has launched a new tech retail site where products come with service.

The new venture, Enjoy, which launched Wednesday provides high-end service for high-end electronics. San Francisco residents, and soon those in New York too (come May 13), can order products like an Apple iPhone or a GoPro camera from the Enjoy website and tech-savvy staff will personally deliver the item to your door and spend as much as an hour explaining how to use it.

Products are priced the same as on other sites and the personal service comes at no extra cost.

According to USA Today, Johnson believes today’s interconnected consumer will be glad for complimentary aid connecting in-home devices, like their iPhone to their Sonos music system to their Nest thermostat.

“First there were stores, then e-commerce, and now we think we’re the next paradigm shift in shopping,” Johnson told USA Today. “Our product is the person.”


Some have questioned whether this is just bringing the Apple Genius Bar home, but Johnson says its a bit of both. Genius Bar visitors are seeking help with a product they’ve already owned, but Enjoy is trying to share product knowledge up front to eliminate visit to a Genius.

Enjoy will sell roughly 50 items to start and ordering options include meeting tech experts at a customer-designated location and requesting the same expert for future visits, since Johnson said winning consumers’ trust will be key to the company’s success.

Ari Bloom, Enjoy’s head of marketing communications told USA Today the company’s customers should span, “Millennials who might want a new phone delivered to them at a coffee shop to middle-aged people for whom time is very important.”