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Sea-GOH Eases Hassle of Transcontinental Garment Shipping

The Sea-GOH, a collapsible pallet system designed for arranging ready-made garments within shipping containers, is gaining popularity among European apparel importers.

Whereas garment shipping between Europe and Asia has traditionally required one of two costly procedures–either manufacturing custom-built containers or retrofitting standard containers with hanger bars–the Sea-GOH allows shippers to make almost any shipping container suitable for the transport of garments, then easily return that container to its original state at the end of the voyage. By deploying the Sea-GOH within shipping containers, importers and exporters can create custom racks designed to accommodate almost any types of garment. By hanging garments from these custom-built racks, shippers have been able to cut down on loading and unloading times, as well as en-route damage to their merchandise.

Normal shipping containers can house up to 70 Sea-GOH units, which are typically broken down and returned to the manufacturer after the shipment’s delivery.

The Sea-GOH container was developed by UK-based Sunrise Global Innovations Ltd., Founded in 2010, Sunrise Global also manufactures tanks and metal containers.