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Is There Any Substance to Those Something Navy Rumors?

Based on no evidence but a vague post on the social media platform Reddit, rumors have been swirling that Brandon Charnas, real estate advisor and husband of Arielle Charnas, the blogger-turned-founder of the clothing line Something Navy, is being investigated for embezzling money from his wife’s company.

A spokesperson for the couple dismissed the rumors as false, telling E! News, “There was absolutely no embezzlement. This is all part of a disgusting, coordinated smear campaign attempting to damage Arielle and Brandon’s reputations and lives.”

Company CEO Matthew Scanlan, who also runs Naadam, also told E! News, “This is categorically false. Brandon Charnas does not have access to company bank accounts. He is not an employee of the company, and he has no access points.” Scanlan did not return multiple requests for comment.

The closest there is to evidence of any financial malfeasance in the company appears to come from an article in Business Insider, which cited a supplier in India upset that the company was late in paying him $364,000 in merchandise, a bill the company had paid in full before publication of the article.

The article also cited two other suppliers who had difficulty receiving payment from Something Navy, one from India who said the delay kept him from being able to pay his workers, though eventually the bill was paid in full. Another supplier in Switzerland said they were owed 3,000 euros ($3,164) for samples and had not been paid.

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Further suggesting trouble inside Something Navy headquarters, the Business Insider article also states that as much as half the staff has left the company, including some key executive personnel and several contract employees who complained about delayed payment.

Arielle Charnas was one of the early success stories of the influencer era, turning her musings about her “elevated basic” style on her blog ‘Something Navy’, which she started in 2009, into an apparel deal with Nordstrom in 2017. In April of 2020, Nordstrom cut ties with Charnas because of her cavalier attitude toward Covid, and in July of 2020, she launched her own line with headquarters in New York City and with a debut that sold $1 million worth of product and crashed the brand’s website.