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Square is Using Customer Data to Create Targeted Email Campaigns

Whoever said email marketing was dead hasn’t looked at the facts.

According to research firm Nielsen, 28 percent of U.S. online shoppers subscribe to store or product emails in order to stay informed. Factor in that 59 percent of digitally-engaged moms told marketer association Loyalty 360 they would sign up for regular email updates if rewards were offered and it’s clear that email content still carries some sway with shoppers.

Payment company Square agrees. That’s why on Tuesday the San Francisco-based business announced that it’s diving into the email promotion business with Square Marketing, a suite of tools that offers mom-and-pops the ability to compete with big-box budgets and send targeted marketing messages with minimal effort on the retailer’s end.

For $0.10 per email, or $15 a month for unlimited emails, plus a consumer feedback tool, small businesses can access several customizable email templates to create a promotion, an announcement or an event invitation to drive foot traffic and boost in-store sales.

So what sets Square Marketing apart from existing email marketing software on the market? The tool provides a business that already uses a Square POS in-store with a stash of customer data pre-sorted into three groups: loyal, casual and lapsed. And where traditional email marketing tools confirm how many consumers opened the message, Square shows how many customers actually come back to the store and how much they spend when they do.

In a pilot program of 1,000 merchants, Square said sellers who sent out promotions saw open and redemption rates at twice the industry average. By the numbers, that’s nearly $1 million in sales tied directly to email promotion redemption.