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Study Finds Nilit Innergy Nylon Fiber Beneficial to Body

Israeli nylon fiber and plastics producer, Nilit’s nylon fiber has been shown to provide cosmetic and well being benefits, thanks to far infrared rays (FIR), which are used to gently stimulate and detoxify the body.

Innergy yarn is a nylon 6.6 fabric, with a built-in, natural mineral that creates FIR emissions, offering a warm sensation to its wearers.

In a study coordinated by professor Maurizia Botti of the Polytechnic University of Milan, Innergy yarn was proven to increase oxygen levels in the blood, decrease and postpone accumulation of lactic acid levels, invigorate and energize the athlete during sport activities, and help to relieve muscle fatigue after exercise.

During the study, double blind tests were performed with 20 volunteers, 10 wearing sportswear outfits with Innergy fabric and 10 wearing Classic fabric sportswear.

The volunteers completed two questionnaires, one at the beginning of the exercising and the other at the end, to gauge the volunteers’ comfort.

Throughout the physical activity, blood lactate concentration and other parameters related to thermo physiological comfort of the outfit, like microclimate temperature and humidity and an assessment of subjective sensations were measured.

Through the results of these medical examinations it was assumed that the fiber improves oxygen transport to muscular tissues, helps the physical activity last longer and increases comfort of the wearer.

Innergy yarn works by converting the naturally occurring thermo energy of the human body into FIR, reflecting it back to the body, causing deep but gentle heating. The heat emitted by the fibers invigorates the body, enhances muscle elasticity and may even help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The fiber is durable and long lasting, with a technology whose performance will not decline from repeated washing.

Using Innergy yarn in sports garments helps to enhance muscle elasticity for improved performance and better muscle recovery after exercise. When used in other apparel pieces such as medical socks and gloves, the yarn improves stimulation using body heating.

The yarn also offers proven antibacterial features and UV protection.