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Tablet Sales Taper Off But Workplace Usage Grows

As tablets shrink in size and smartphone screens get bigger, it comes as news to no one that the former has started to fall out of favor.

Apple’s iPhone revenue surged while the company sold only 12.3 million iPads in the fourth-quarter of 2014, down from 14.1 million the previous year, and according to a new report by Forrester Research published Monday, it’s an industry-wide trend.

A recent market analysis by ABI Research echoed this conclusion, revealing that consumer tablet shipments experienced their worst decline in Q1 of 2015, falling 35 percent compared to the preceding quarter, as sales slumped for key market players, like Apple and Samsung.

But don’t sound the death knell for tablets just yet. Jeffrey Orr, senior analyst at ABI, insisted tablets are finding their niche. “That initial growth the market experienced may never happen again for tablets, but they are still a strong force in the market,” he continued.

Forrester’s findings told a similar tale, reporting that the future of tablets lies in the business world, where company-owned tablets are growing at a much faster rate than the overall market. The study pointed out more than half of employees use a tablet for work purposes at least once a week and that 29 percent of employers provide tablets to use on the job.

In fact, research firm Gartner recently predicted half of all employers will require workers to supply their own mobile devices for work purposes by 2017. And with the likes of Multimedia Plus (the technology company behind the customizable video training app, QuizScore, used by Coach and Brooks Brothers) increasingly coming to the fore, it’s not hard to understand why Forrester anticipates tablets will continue to grow in importance over the next five years.