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Tech-Savvy Help For Retailers Hard To Find These Days

Tech-savvy employees with experience and ability to understand and manage technology and data are in short supply these days as retailers’ demand for them increases.

When retailers search for prospective hires with a tech and data management background they find only small pool of qualified candidates, according to a recent survey by SAP, a business services firm based in Walldorf, Germany, with offices in the US.

The survey revealed that 84 percent of the retailers questioned are worried about finding employees who meet their exacting hiring criteria: functional competency in a variety of areas including digital marketing, social networking and big data management and mining.

Eighty percent of retailers surveyed also expressed a need for personnel skilled in understanding and applying business analytics.

Also needed were staffers that can optimize retail marketing for omni-channel sales, and analysts of consumer buying patterns for improved operations.

Some 93 percent of survey respondents said they would continue their quest for, and hiring of suitable employees over the next three years, further depleting the already acute scarcity of likely prospects.

Further exacerbating the shortage of tech-smart people are other firms outside the retail sector which are also pursuing the same personnel.

With competition for specialized staff heating up, salaries, bonuses and perks will likely increase accordingly.

Why is the retailing sector short of personnel with the functional competencies now required in a digital, social media, big data world?

Mark Ledbetter, global vice president, Retail Industry Business Unit, SAP, says, “They’re [retailers] not the first to adopt technology — they’re being propelled into this area, which is driven heavily by Millennials. “