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Textile Sector Embraces Achroma’s One Way Eco-Tool

Achroma’s year-old One Way eco-tool has so far been positively assessed in feedback from some 3,000 textile firms, industry players and experts who evaluated the software package that helps reduce the environmental impact and costs of wet textile processing.

Input from respondents has helped Achroma streamline and simplify the product and add new, frequently requested elements.

One Way enables mills and manufacturers to calculate the comparative efficacy, costs and CO2 emissions of various production processes and to maximize ecological sustainability with minimum cost.

The tool, which continues to be improved as its roll-out continues, enables product selection, short listing of related elements and solution applications.  An accompanying “score card” allows manufacturers to add up positive and negative factors in the dyeing process.

Patent holder Achroma, formerly known as Clariant, is based in Switzerland.

One Way approves some 200 dyes and chemicals, pre-evaluated by product specialists and cites 11 restricted substance and chemical categories flagged by the Joint Roadmap Toward Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC).

Also pegged as hazardous by One Way are 20 major substances from the Restricted Substances Lists (RSLs).

In a statement to Ecotextile News earlier this year relating to their “One Way” system, Clariant’s head of product marketing, textile chemicals, Emrah Esder, said, “The One Way system is designed to help our customers balance the twin objectives of ecology and economy and enables them to see that more sustainable and efficient solutions do not have to come at a higher cost.”

Achroma plans to screen an additional 500 chemicals this year, and to apply One Way to supply chain logistics.