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Tory Burch Launches “Minimalist” Beauty Collection

Tory Burch jumped into the already over-crowded beauty collections created by designers launching her own branded collection but with a different concept: less is more.

Rather than offer an extensive collection that runs the full spectrum of products as do lines by designers Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu and Michael Kors, new Burch beauty products include only a fragrance, bath-and-body products and a line of cosmetics.

Said Burch, succinctly, explaining her new, minimalist beauty line: “I’m not into a heavy beauty regimen.”

Products are packaged in pink, a color associated with Burch’s clothing creations.

Like her clothing collection, Burch’s beauty line was inspired by her parents, Buddy and Reva Robinson, a celebrated and fashion-conscious couple.

Burch said her father always wore Green Water or Vetiver by Guerlain, which inspired her new fragrance, which combines vetiver and citrus, jasmine, tuberose and woodsy aromas.