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Trendy Fall Fashions To Spruce Up A Lackluster Sears

Although it’s not yet summer, Sears gave the press a preview of its coming apparel attractions for the fall season.

At a recent media event in New York, Sears unveiled a collection of hip, trendy clothing scheduled for sale this autumn.

To be offered for sale this fall are fashionable garments for the full-figured junior, military-style apparel for women, and affordably-priced Victoria Secret-like intimate wear from Bongo, Joe Boxer, and the Kardashian Kollection.

“We’re trying to get that 18 to 54-year-old to consider us a fashion destination,” said a Sears spokeswoman, explaining the company’s objective.

Sears has been limping along over the past six years with annual revenue declines. But clothing offerings at the colossal chain have produced six consecutive quarters of comp store sales increases.

Accounting in part for the success of Sears’ clothing sales, is the Kardashian Kollection, helped by the large audience and attendant hype of the Kardashian sisters television reality show.

Sears apparel sales have also been boosted by strategic pricing errors by competitor J.C. Penney.

Penney’s gave up a strategy of “everyday low prices” and adopted a pricing strategy of marking up items and later discounting the marked-up prices in sales and promotion efforts.  Consumers stayed away in droves, and Sears was assumed to be the beneficiary of Penney’s blunder.

Sales at Penney’s are down some 25 percent from last year.

Specifically, Sears’ trendy fall clothing will include:

Plus-sized edgy fashion from Bongo Plus for 13 to 17-year-old consumers, retailing for under $50.

Feminized camouflage apparel, echoing military styles seen on runway events and the trendy steampunk styling. Among the new offerings is a sleek tank dress with a sheer, camouflage back pattern from Kardashian.

Intimate apparel will be offered in “hot neon colors” and “flirty cuts” with a Victoria Secret look. Pricing will range from $2.99 and up, and to $16 to $18 for berry-toned leopard print bras.