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Turkey Emerges as Major Denim Producer

Turkey is garnering a reputation as an emerging producer of denim, breaking into an industry generally dominated by a small handful of colossal companies.

Thomas Dislich, director of denim producer Vicunha, said, “We can cite the example of Turkey for being an increasingly influential denim fabric producer,” speaking to fibre2fashion.

The global denim market is poised to continue its vigorous growth, expanding to $56 billion by 2018, according to a report issued by Global Research Inc. While the U.S. has long been the world’s most prolific producer of denim, it has been surpassed by upstarts like China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Turkey.

Marco Lucietti, marketing director of denim fabric producer ISKO, said, “Turkey is for sure making giant steps, mainly thanks to an approach deeply oriented towards innovation and research for quality excellence.”

It hasn’t been easy for Turkey to join the ranks of the most influential denim producers since that global market is particularly competitive. Dislich said, “Commercially speaking, the global modern denim market is dominated by large market-oriented companies. Japanese and Italian denims have become niche items. They have a high value for the artisanship, mystique and savoir-faire.”