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Uniqlo Set to Enter Belgium

Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo announced plans to open its first store in Belgium. Antwerp, the second largest Belgian city after Brussels and the city, which Uniqlo called a “city at the heart of the Belgian fashion industry,” will get the store in the fall of 2015.

Uniqlo parent company, Fast Retailing Co., announced it had only been considering opening stores in Belgium as recently as October. Belgium will be the fourth European market for the company to enter. Currently, Uniqlo has stores in France, Germany, and Great Britain.

Berndt Hauptkorn, Uniqlo Europe CEO, said, “We are very pleased to be announcing today our decision to open a first Uniqlo store in Belgium, in the city of Antwerp, which is the center of the Belgian fashion industry and home to MoMu (Mode Museum), the renowned fashion museum.”

He added, “Uniqlo stands for high quality, versatile and affordable clothes, for people of all ages, and we believe both residents and visitors to Antwerp will truly appreciate our offering.”