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US State Department Will No Longer Add Pages to Passports

As of Friday, Jan. 1, additional passport pages are a thing of the past.

The U.S. Department of State eliminated the previous option by which seekers could pay to have additional 24-page visa inserts in their U.S. passports if they had run out of space for stamps.

According to the State Department, “The decision to discontinue this service was made to enhance the security of the passport and to abide by international passport standards.”

Frequent fliers instead have the option to choose a 52-page passport instead of the standard 28 pages if they fear filling it up before the book expires.

As of now, applicants that need additional pages in still-valid passports will have to apply for a new passport.

The move was reportedly in the works for some time and had no direct correlation to recent terrorist attacks though the change is designed to support general vigilance.