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Wal-Mart Plans US Manufacturing Summit To Spur On-Shoring

Wal-Mart, which has committed to sourcing $50 billion in American goods over the next 10 years, is planning a US manufacturing summit for Thursday, August 22nd.

The event should be attended by over 1500 people, and will take place in partnership with the National Retail Federation, in Orlando, Florida.

The company hopes to source basic apparel, sporting goods, storage products, games, and paper products from the US, among other things. The summit will target those goods.

Wal-Mart hopes the $50 billion commitment will encourage firms to onshore production in employment generating areas, such as textiles.

Political figures and other officials will be at the event, which will partly serve as a networking opportunity between government and manufacturers. Public-private collaboration could lead to more rapid job development. Suppliers will also have a chance to learn about the different tax credits, workforce, and other opportunities in various states.