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Weekend Winter Storm to Boost Need-Based Purchasing in Cold Weather Category

Though most may have been happy to avoid the freeze-your-face off cold during these so far warmer winter months, cold weather gear sellers could see a bright point in sales as a winter storm sets in this weekend.

Temperatures fell below freezing in the north east this weekend, and according to a report weather analytics firm Planalytics, above normal temps may finally be a thing of the past.

Nationally, last week was the snowiest second week of January in four years and fleece sales in traditionally warmer markets where temperatures are still colder than normal were up, with Miami seeing a sizeable 36 percent jump, Winnipeg seeing an 8 percent uptick and Los Angeles selling 13 percent more fleece.

Starting Thursday, moderate snowfall is expected across the Ohio Valley, and by Friday “significant amounts of snow” will drop on major markets like, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland and Richmond, Virginia, Planalytics reported.

The storm will hit New York City, Philadelphia and Hartford on Saturday and considerable snowfall is also likely in southern New England.

“The threat of significant snowfall combined with media attention will drive consumer purchasing over the coming days,” Planalytics said. Though many of the buys will be in non-apparel categories like snow and ice-removal tools, apparel could see an uptick in the calm before the storm, though traffic will be down over the weekend. “As the storm will hit major population centers beginning on Friday and carrying through the weekend, many businesses in these areas should expect store traffic to decrease notably.”