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WoolVisions Grows Globally with Merino Hybrid Popularity

WoolVisions is expanding its international footprint as merino hybrids gain momentum in the apparel sector.

At Winter 2017 outdoor shows, WoolVisions by CoolVisions has gained recognition as a fabric blend that offers better performance compared to merino wool alone. WoolVisions fabrics are the only hybrid fabrics that blend merino wool with polypropylene, the best-insulating, lightest and driest of apparel fibers. Unlike standard merino wool garments, WoolVisions’ polypropylene feature provides inherent durability and long-lasting stain resistance to wearers.

This blend of CoolVisions dyeable polypropylene staple with merino wool is used by many brands, fabric manufacturers and spinners worldwide, including Backcountry, Hincapie, Mission Workshop and Mountain Hardwear. Outdoor enthusiasts also favor WoolVisions, since it is a merino wool blend with performance synthetics. The hybrid fabric is versatile enough to use in base layer brands and crossover pieces that transition wearers from “trail to town” seamlessly.

“WoolVisions is a really interesting blend with merino wool,” Global Merino president Jose Fernandez, said. “CoolVisions polypropylene fiber is thermally a better match for merino than other synthetics, resulting in fabrics with better hydrophobic performance.”

Fernandez’ recent collection knits CoolVisions polypropylene filament with WoolVisions merino/polypropylene staple, which places the polypropylene filament against the skin and keeps the wearer dry in various weather conditions.

For woven apparel including flannel shirts, dyeable WoolVisions provides moisture management and thermal qualities. Chia Her Industrial Group, a vertically-integrated Taiwanese dyer, spinner and weaver, said its WoolVisions woven plaids are comparable to cotton, since they are breathable, provide comfort and maintain body heat.

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“The moment you wear it, you will feel instant warmth against the skin, said Stella Lee from Chia Her marketing group. “It is itch-free and can naturally regulate moisture while maintaining warmth.”

Further development of WoolVisions yarns is taking place at many global facilities, including the Schoeller Spinning Group in Austria, Peignage DuMortier in France, Südwolle in Germany and Patrick Yarns in the U.S. WoolVisions products will also be on display at Munich ISPO from Feb. 5 to 8.

“As CoolVisions polypropylene staple fiber is made in the U.S., we are particularly pleased that Patrick Yarns is offering a domestic product,” CoolVisions global sales and marketing manager Susan Lynn said. “With more top makers and spinners seeing the merits of WoolVisions, we are well on our way to introducing this unique product to a global audience.”