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AAFA Releases 15th Edition of Restricted Substance List, Mobile App

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) published the fifteenth edition of the AAFA Restricted Substance List (RSL) Tuesday, covering apparel, footwear, travel goods, home textiles and other fashion accessories.

The newly updated RSL was released collaboratively with the AAFA’s International Product Safety, Worker Safety, and Supply Chain Compliance Conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Dec. 9, 2014. The list, which is becoming a go-to industry resource, can be downloaded free of charge on the AAFA website.

John Eapen, AAFA environmental committee chairman and vice president of environmental, health and safety/sustainability at America & Efird, Inc., said, “In our effort to keep our global industry competitive and compliant in the marketplace, the AAFA RSL provides clear and concise information on the newest developments in global product safety standards.” He added, “We extend our gratitude to the AAFA Environmental Committee, the members of the RSL Task Force, and our RSL peer review group for their time and significant contributions to update this important list.”

AAFA launched the mobile app for the RSL in an effort to continuously improve and expand its provided tools. The app can be downloaded on any smartphone and turns the AAFA RSL into an interactive tool designed to help users navigate more than 200 chemicals on the list. Users can filter, search and sort by categories including chemical name, CAS number, country and regulation.

Juanita D. Duggan, AAFA president and CEO, said, “The AAFA Restricted Substances List has assisted the industry in creating an even safer and more sustainable supply chain. This list allows our members to create safe products and be in compliance all over the world.”