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AAFA Releases 16th Edition of Restricted Substance List

The American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) released the 16th edition of the Restricted Substance List (RSL) Monday, an industry resource for banned or restricted chemicals and substances used in finished home textile, apparel and footwear products globally.

The latest RSL contains 12 chemical categories with over 250 chemicals and has been updated to follow recent additions or changes made to regulations and laws, including those released in China and Turkey that restrict or ban certain chemicals in the textile, apparel and footwear industries. AAFA’s Environmental Taskforce and Peer Review teams review and update the RSL every six months.

“AAFA created the RSL over eight years ago in response to the growing need to keep track of international and national regulations restricting use of certain chemicals in our products,” Juanita D. Duggan, president and CEO of the association, said. “Today AAFA is proud to offer the industry the intelligence needed to manage a responsible, compliant supply chain on a regular, on-going basis.”

With the release of the previous edition in December, AAFA launched a mobile app designed to help users navigate the hundreds of chemicals featured on the list. Users can filter, search and sort by categories including chemical name, CAS number, country and regulation. The Voluntary Product Environmental Profile, another offering in addition to the RSL, is an online tool that lets apparel and footwear companies exchange environmental and chemical management information with their supply chain partners.

The newly updated RSL is available in Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish and can be downloaded for free at the AAFA website.