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Bangladesh Accord Cuts Ties With Four Factories Over Compliance Concerns

Just one week after the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety accused three engineering firms of faking inspection reports and asked its member factories to disassociate with them, the country’s other safety initiative, the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh cut ties with four factories for compliance failures.

In four separate but near-identical statements, one each for Suman Fashion Garments, Alim Knitwears, Sidko Limited and N.A. Garments, the Accord outlined why it terminated its relationship with the suppliers—and all signs point to safety issues.

The Accord said Tuesday that it ended each relationship “due to the supplier’s failure to implement workplace safety measures.”

The EU-led safety-promoting organization continues to conduct fire, electrical and structural safety inspections at all factories producing for its member companies, which include brands like H&M, PVH and Zara parent company Inditex.

Corrective action plans have been put in place at facilities found to have safety hazards of one kind or another, and those that don’t comply with the remediations risk their relationship with the Accord—and the big brands that buy from it.

Suppliers that aren’t on track with their remediation are issued warnings first, so for these four factories to have all ties severed, non-compliance was persistent.

Suman Fashion Garments didn’t finalize its corrective action plans or make adequate progress on them, the statement noted. Alim Knitwears was warned after several failed attempts to progress on corrective actions and the factory owner still wouldn’t implement the changes.

Sidko didn’t submit a required Detailed Engineering Assessment or make adequate progress on its own corrective actions, which was the same case at N.A. Garments.

No further details were disclosed about any of the factories’ required corrective actions.

The Accord said it will work with its labor companies and member companies to ensure any affected workers are offered employment at safe factories.