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Bangladesh Alliance Suspends 23 Garment Factories for Lack of Safety Improvements

Twenty-three garment factories in Bangladesh won’t be seeing their scheduled safety improvements now that The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety has called off the upgrades—and the safety-promoting organization could sever ties with the factories altogether.

After the garment factories failed to show sufficient progress in their compliance initiatives, the Alliance suspended the facilities, according to the Dhaka Tribune. Factories were reportedly informed of the Alliance’s decision last week.

“Since these factories have failed to show enough evidence to comply with the Alliance pre-approval and remediation process, they are designated as ‘suspended approval.’ Their names have been removed from the Alliance factories list,” the Tribune wrote quoting a letter sent to the factories and signed by Alliance managing director M. Rabin.

Any company seeking to regain its approval status will now need to start a new inspection process and demonstrate commitment to abiding by the Alliance’s remediation requirements.

Some factories have chosen not to comply with the Alliance recommendations because they weren’t making goods for Alliance signatory brands, which include companies like Macy’s, Gap and VF Corp., the Tribune reported.

Others simply didn’t make visible progress with the safety remediations.

The Tribune didn’t name the non-compliant factories, but the Alliance did dub 18 factories fully compliant, including: Green Textile Ltd, Kwun Tong Apparels, Laundry Industries, Lenny Apparels, Optimum Fashion Wears, Pacific Accessories, Univogue Garments, Crystal Impression, Sawftex, Columbia Garments, Genesis Washing, Babylon Washing, Jae Mee Embotitch, Mahboob Apparels, Epic Garments, Manufacturing Co, Lenny Fashion and That’s It Sportswear.