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Bangladesh Alliance Suspends Operations With Three More Factories

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety is severing ties with unimproved factories left and right.

In keeping with its aim to improve the safety of Bangladesh’s ready-made garment sector, the Alliance suspended three factories for lack of remediation progress. To date, the Alliance has cut ties with 83 factories, which it calls out on its website.

The three in question this time were Hemple Rhee Manufacturing Co., Shamsher Apparels and Mika Fashion.

“Ensuring worker safety is our top priority,” Alliance country director Jim Moriarty said. “Factories with which we do business must undertake repairs in order to meet our safety standards, or they lost their right to make garments for our member companies,” which include U.S. retailers like Macy’s, VF and Walmart.

In February, the Alliance accused three engineering firms of faking inspection reports, saying the companies lacked the practical knowledge needed to conduct engineering analysis. The organization cut ties with those three firms.

In December, the Alliance suspended 23 garment factories for failing to show sufficient progress in their outlined compliance initiatives.

The Alliance has been performing independent factory inspections to assess things like structural, electrical and fire safety. The initiative has reached the halfway point of its five years and is on track to remediate critical safety issues in its active factories by 2018, when the program will end.

So far, half of all safety issues in Alliance member factories have been corrected and 28 have completed all necessary repairs as detailed in their corrective action plans two years ahead of schedule, the Alliance said.