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Bangladesh: Fire Collapses 7-Story Gazipur Factory

A fire that raged Monday at a garment factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh felled the entire seven-story building, leaving little but rubble in its wake.

The blaze at Dignity Textile Mills took fire officials 19 hours to contain, and sizable amounts of thread, cotton, cloth and equipment, plus 1.75 crore taka ($225,400) in cash reportedly set to be distributed to workers, perished in the process. The total loss from the fire has not yet been assessed.

According to Bangladesh’s The Daily Star, the fire originated on the factory’s third floor and fire officials suspect an electrical short circuit could have been the cause. The blaze swept to the upper floors and the 14 fire fighting units tackling it had trouble “as they could not go near the building due to excessive heat and the boundary wall was too strong to be bulldozed.”

Dignity employs roughly 3,000 workers for knitting, dyeing, cutting and finishing at the factory owned by Mauritius native Deel Hue. All workers were reportedly outside on a lunch break when the fire started. No casualties or injuries have been reported.

Factory owners have asked workers to gather on June 8 to discuss moves forward for the facility.