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Britannia Becomes First Garment Packaging Supplier to Be GOTS-Certified

British-based Britannia, which produces a range of hangtags and labels for such fashion retailers as Topshop, Ted Baker, River Island and Harrods, has become the first garment-packaging supplier to be certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The certification recognizes the company’s commitment to making woven and printed labels using ethically sourced materials and at least 70 percent organic fibers at all of its production facilities.

As garment factories come under increasing scrutiny over compliance with workers’ rights and safety standards and consumers continue to seek out sustainable apparel, Britannia has been investing heavily in tracking technology to provide its customers with complete transparency over exactly how and where their labels are made.

“I’m excited by the type of company Britannia is today: an innovative, respected global business with the ability to lead where others follow,” said CEO Paul Brownhill in a statement, adding that the 39-year-old company intends to strengthen its position as a trusted partner to retailers and brand owners as the garment industry continues to evolve.

Headquartered in Leicestershire and with locations in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Turkey and Slovenia, Britannia has nearly 500 employees worldwide.