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Bureau Veritas Develops Testing for Allergenic Dyes

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services UK, a leading testing, inspection and certification organization, announced Monday that it has developed capabilities for testing allergenic disperse dyes. The testing service offers retailers, brands, vendors and manufacturers a fast testing service for 22 allergenic disperse dyes following the German method DIN 54231.

Disperse dyes are organic with low water solubility that are suitable for dyeing materials like polyester, nylon and acrylic. According to the UK-based organization, about 20 disperse dyes may cause allergic reactions to the skin. The dyes are not banned in Europe, however, many retailers restrict these dyes in their garments.

Bureau Veritas UK managing director Jonathon Thackray, said, “As fashion retailers are increasing their focus on restricting potentially harmful chemicals from their products and supply chain, it is essential for our UK laboratory to be able to offer a wide scope of analytical testing services.” He added, “We have a very experienced team of textile experts who have already helped many UK retailers and brands develop their restricted substances policies.”