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Fair Wear Foundation Launches Brand Performance Checks System for Increased Transparency

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), a non-profit organization that works to improve worker conditions in clothing factories, has created a Brand Performance Checks system to provide a high level of transparency into the operations of its member brands.

The tool assesses the performance of FWF’s members and how each is working to improve labor conditions and support human rights compliance in their supply chains. The system hosts reports of these assessments and allows them to be easily viewed by both brands and consumers.

FWF posted the first batch of performance check reports online Thursday for brands including, Alchemist, Continental Clothing and Tailor and Stitch. The full list will be published by the end of the year.

Brands are evaluated by a set of indicators and based on its scores, are rated “Leader,” “Good,” and “Needs Improvement.”

According to FWF, the ratings are described as follows: if a brand is rated a Leader, it is doing exceptionally well, especially in more complex areas like providing living wages and freedom of association.

A Good rating is given to a brand that is working well to implement FWF’s Code of Labour Practices, and is doing more to improve working conditions than the average clothing company. Most brands receive this rating.

The lowest grading a brand can receive is Needs Improvement. Brands typically receive this rating after battling with unforeseen problems or dealing with organizational changes. After earning this rating, brands then have one year to improve to a Good rating, or their membership will be suspended.

These reports allow costumers to see what FWF brands are doing to improve working conditions in their supply chains, as compliance becomes increasingly key. Costumers can also give feedback to let brands know which areas to improve on in the future.