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Fire Rips Through Gap Distribution Center in New York

A fire broke out at a Gap distribution center in Fishkill, New York, Monday night, destroying merchandise and forcing workers to stay home.

Roughly 600 employees were safely evacuated from the retailer’s facility before 11:00 p.m. Monday when the fire began, CBS New York reported. The fire spread quickly and firefighters took more than six hours to douse the flames.

On Tuesday morning, workers were told not to come in, and Gap is reportedly working with the state of New York to see if they can move operations to another building until conditions have been restored and the burned building has been deemed structurally sound.

Gap is paying workers for the Tuesday they missed, but no plans have been disclosed about how long those workers will be out of work and what will happen to their pay in the interim.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

“While it will take time to understand the full impact and cause of the fire, we have contingency plans in place and are working across our North American network of distribution centers to continue to serve our customers,” Gap spokeswoman Debbie Felix told Reuters.

The 8.6 million-square-foot Fishkill facility is one of Gap’s primary distribution centers for the northeast, and the retailer is working to re-route inventory through a different center.