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French Connection Ends Angora Use

French Connection, the international clothing, accessories and housewares retailer, announced Thursday it has decided to end the use of angora in the production of its clothing and accessories, effective immediately.

The brand noted that it has worked to ensure the angora used in its clothing is sourced by shearing, without mistreatment of the rabbits. French Connection also said it would never allow or condone the plucking of live rabbits.

According to animal rights group PETA U.K., French Connection’s decision is the result of more than 100,000 emails, tweets and Facebook messages asking the company to stop supporting the cruelty of rabbits. PETA U.K. director Mimi Bekhechi said, “Shoppers now know that if a label says ‘angora’, it means that defenseless rabbits were subjected to having the fur ripped out of their bodies or were suspended in the air as sharp clippers cut into their sensitive skin. Any cruel designers who continue to use this product of rabbit torture can expect to see their profits nose-dive and shoppers head for the door.”

French Connection is joining brands like ASOS, All Saints, and Tommy Hilfiger, among many others in committing to banning angora use.

“As a fashion brand we are responsive to our customers and to trends in the market and, despite the steps we have taken to ensure high standards in angora production, we recognize some customers have concerns about the continued inclusion of these fabrics in our ranges,” French Connection said in a statement.