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Huntsman Textile Effects Debuts High IQ Repel Program

Huntsman Textile Effects has launched a non-fluorinated, durable water repellent (DWR) innovation.

The dye and chemical provider introduced its High IQ Repel brand assurance program Wednesday, to help apparel brands, mills and retailers meet the needs of eco-conscious consumers looking for rain and stain protection. The program features non-fluorinated DWRs, including the new Phobotex RCO finishing for cotton and cotton-rich blends.

Rain and stain resistant effects are highly important in activewear and sportswear apparel, as today’s growing athleisure market demands style, comfort, performance and sustainability in one wearable product.

Along with this new retail scene, there is a worldwide call for more eco-friendly formulations. Companies like Huntsman are reducing their use of per-fluorinated chemicals (PFCs), because of concerns over hazardous residues left in global apparel supply chains.

The High IQ Repel brand program is a catalyst for the industry switch to non-fluorinated alternatives that are sustainable and safe. Huntsman’s finishes will be used in everyday apparel, extreme sportswear and outdoor clothing.

In addition, the company’s Phobotex RCO finish provides high water repellency to cellulosic and cellulosic-based products. It is ideal for stain protection in athleisure and casual wear. The finish also helps mill efficiency sustain good running properties. Without any formaldehyde or blocked isocyanates, Phobotex RCO finish is an eco-friendly, non-fluorinated solution for water repellency.

“The High IQ Repel program offers brands, retailers and mills a way to produce high-performance rain- and stain-resistant textiles that satisfy increasingly demanding consumers without compromising environmental sustainability,” Lee Howarth, global marketing manager for Huntsman Textile Effects, said. “Our High IQ Repel program leverages decades of technical innovation and production expertise, and is based on the most comprehensive range of durable water repellents available to the industry.”