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Impactiva Introduces Quality Control Service

The supply chain optimization company debuted its premium Quality Control service, which will help minimize the costs and chargebacks on poor quality products.

“Studies show that for every consumer who complains about quality, another 25 never communicate their unhappiness,” Impactiva chief executive officer Jose Suarez said. “Competition is getting increasingly more difficult to leave quality unattended.”

For every poor-quality product, a company’s brand image takes a negative hit. The Quality Control service features proprietary procedures and technicians that verify the apparel industry’s accountability. Both features allow retailers to protect themselves from product quality claims and meet consumers’ growing demands in a tight market.

Impactiva’s technicians are not only inspectors, but individuals with at least five years of experience in the clothing sector. With degrees in apparel technology, Impactiva’s technicians provide industry-specific knowledge to factories that desire better product quality. Six weeks of industry-specific classroom training and an ongoing education allows the company’s technicians to perform proper quality control and cater to each brands’ specific needs.

For a product’s inspection, technicians conduct manual tests that indicate garment defects, including tear strength, pull-strength and broken zippers. Following manual testing, technicians conduct additional optical and feel evaluations to locate any other defects. Tested garments also undergo a high sampling-level measurement audit before they hit the shelves.

Impactiva’s Quality Control methodology doesn’t end at inspections and prioritizes the aesthetic look, fit and functionality of garments. Furthermore, Impactiva reviews all samples and adheres to clients’ standards before clothing products hit the market. Should product quality claims occur, Impactiva will incorporate revising processes to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Due to the accuracy of Impactiva’s six-step process of checks, balances and duplicate controls, retailers are less likely to face product quality claims and boost their credible reputation among consumers everywhere. With the Quality Control service, brands will be able to manufacture better products and continue to fulfill consumers’ growing apparel demands.