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Inspectorio Elevates Quality Inspections for Retailers

Inspectorio is revolutionizing the way retailers monitor their supply chains.

The inspections solutions provider helps create a more transparent supply chain with its advanced mobile platform. Using a product components algorithm, this data adjusts inspection requirements and guides inspectors through an efficient compliance verification process.

“Our system follows an adaptive inspection process that adjusts based on the finding of the inspector, ensuring an appropriate data collection by generating automatic alerts whenever the inspection process follows outside predefine times and user behaviors,” Inspectorio CEO Carlos Moncayo Castillo told Sourcing Journal. “This adaptive inspection process allows us to eliminate the risk of alteration of data due to corruption.”

Machine learning enables Inspectorio’s mobile platform to predict product defects and ensure that inspectors are following proper verification guidelines. Historical data allows Inspectorio’s algorithm to anticipate high risk areas of the product’s manufacturing location and the product itself. Additional features of the mobile platform include geolocated inspectors, real-time monitoring of inspection execution, technical specifications visualization and managerial information based on inspection data.

An open supply chain inspection process is also a benefit of Inspectorio’s mobile platform. Retailers are allowed to participate in their product inspections and compliance verification with real-time tracking and updates.

First, retailers may book a product inspection on Inspectorio’s mobile platform. Using geolocalization capabilities, a quality inspector is then assigned to the product inspection. The mobile platform monitors the product inspection process, with the option of retailers’ participation. Product Inspection data is synchronized and processed for publication. Retailers may follow up and request inspection reports instantly on Inspectorio’s website. Lastly, retailers may access managerial information from their supply chains with Inspectorio’s algorithms.

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“With the use of mobile technologies, machine learning and analytics we are making the inspection process transparent and more accurate, we create “liquid” data that can be leveraged for reporting and predictive analytics, and all this is presented to brands and retailers in real time so defects or non-compliance in supply chains can be identified and corrected immediately,” Moncayo-Castillo said.

Inspectorio recently participated in Target’s first-ever accelerator program. As one of 10 start-ups selected to relocate to the retailer’s Minneapolis headquarters this summer, Inspectorio received mentorship on branding and product development.

“It has been an amazing opportunity to further improve our product and go-to-market strategy with a group of mentors that includes some of the brightest minds in technology, supply chain and retail,” Moncayo-Castillo said. “Brian Cornell, Target’s chief executive officer, and Casey Carl, Target’s chief innovation officer, were some of the mentors that met with us on a weekly basis during the accelerator program and generated amazing value to Inspectorio by helping us refine our strategy, product focus and connecting us with key decision makers in the retail industry.”