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Bayer and Bluesign Partner for Sustainable Textile Initiatives

Bluesign Technologies and Bayer Materialscience have formed a strategic partnership in an effort to create a more sustainable textile industry. The companies agreed to collaborate to boost their enterprises globally and safeguard against hazardous production processes and working conditions along the entire value chain.

The new partnership with Bluesign technologies coincides with Bayer Materialscience’s comprehensive sustainability concept, which aims to improve everyday convenience while at the same time ensuring resource conservation and minimizing the impact on mankind and the environment.

“Bayer MaterialScience has been supporting its customers for a long time now in achieving goals of both innovation and sustainability,” explains Nicholas Smith, global head of Textile Coating at Bayer MaterialScience. “With our waterborne, totally solvent-free polyurethane raw materials, users currently can greatly improve industrial hygiene, cut energy consumption by 50 percent, and water use by as much as 95 percent.”

Bayer Materialsciences has had the waterborne polyurethane dispersions in its Impranil® line tested and certified under the bluesign system. Textile manufacturers in search of these products can now find information on some 5,000 chemicals with bluesign certification used in the industry in the bluefinder database.

The bluesign system takes substance lists with restricted use into account and advises manufacturers on how hazards to people and the environment can be diminished. Participants can cut costs along the processing chain and meet new market demands more quickly by jointly using the system. The “bluesign approved” label is accepted by both brand owners and major wholesalers.

Bayer Materialscience recently introduced INSQIN, an integrated and complete package for the textile industry based on waterborne polyurethane technology. This technology has since been viewed as a ground-breaking development in sustainable textile coating. The package encompasses all aspects of materials development, right through to production by certified manufacturers.

Bluesign Technologies is a global frontrunner in chemical utility evaluation in the textile industry. The bluesign® system defines criteria for chemicals use, including the responsible resource use, effective hazardous materials management and the elimination of all dangerous substances.