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Made-By Releases Wet Processing Benchmark

Eco consultation group Made-By has released its latest tool, the Made-By Wet Processing Benchmark, aimed to support brands in understanding and reducing the environmental impact of their supply chains, and serve as a resource for product developers wishing to speak with their suppliers about sustainable wet processing techniques.

The tool, which makes field data from factories worldwide more transparent, illustrates the sustainability of common wet processing techniques and applications concerning potential chemical or safety hazards, as well as water and energy usage.

Factoring in the many variables in wet processing, the Benchmark uses a range to show actual efficiency achieved by real factory production circumstances, and is intended to be a comparative measuring tool based on industry efficiency averages, rather the exact substitutions. The tool is helps brands understand the ranges of possible impact for each pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing and printing process.

Made-By created the Benchmark in corporation with Systainable Solutions, an organization focused on making textile factories more efficient through data collection and optimization through software systems and processing experts.