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Mexico to Implement New Textile Labeling Standards

Two new Mexican standards used for labeling textile products, which were published in the Official Gazette in November 2014 by Mexico’s Ministry of Economy, will take effect as of September 9.

In Mexico, all apparel, apparel accessories, textile products and home textiles containing more than half of textile content must comply with the Official Mexican Standard NOM-004-SCFI-2006 for mandatory labeling requirements.

According to the Official Gazette, NMX-A-2076-INNTEX-2013 “Textiles – Chemical fibers – Generic names” is replacing NMX-A-099-INNTEX-2007 and lists the generic names used to designate the different types of chemical fibers currently being manufactured. This standard is consistent with the International Standard ISO 2076:2010 “Textile-Man-made fibers – Generic names.”

The new standard now requires generic names to be written without capital letters.

The second standard, NMX-A-6938-INNTEX-2013 “Textiles – Natural Fibers – Generic names and Definitions,” which provides generic names and definitions for what the company describes as the most important natural fibers in accordance with the fiber constitution or specific origin, is replacing NMX-A-099-INNTEX-2007.

This standard provides a list of names in common, together with the relevant standard designations and is consistent with the International Standard ISO 6938:2012 “Textile-Natural fibers-Generic names and Definitions.”

With this new standard, the words “lana” (wool) and “pelo” (hair) can now be added before the generic name of some animal fibers.

Lana or pelo can be added before alpaca, angora, cashmere, camel and llama, among others, while pelo can be added to several animal fiber names including, cow, deer, goat, horse and rabbit.

According to regulations, apparel and apparel accessories must have one or more permanent and legible label(s) attached to the collar, waist or any other visible location on the item. These labels must contain the commercial brand name, size, care instructions, country of origin, name and address of the manufacturer or importer and fiber composition in accordance with NMX-A-099-INNTEX 2007, which will be replaced by the new standards come September.

In order to allow manufacturers, importers and marketers time to adjust their production processes to comply with the new requirements specific to NOM-004-SCFI-2006, authorities will accept products that are legally in the country before the effective date.