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Moncler Denies Accusations of Animal Mistreatment

Outerwear brand Moncler denied allegations of animal mistreatment on Monday after an Italian television show accused the company of using inhumane methods to pluck geese for its down products.

In a statement, Moncler said it wishes to clarify that all the down used by the company is sourced from strictly certified suppliers that adhere to the principles established by the European Down and Feather Association and that they are obliged contractually to guarantee their respect for the treatment of animals, as set out in the company’s ethical code.

The program, which aired on Sunday night, showed geese in Hungary being plucked in a manner that left many of them injured. Moncler stated it works with suppliers located in Italy, France and North America. The company added, “Therefore there is absolutely no link between Moncler and the distressing images transmitted that relate to farmers, suppliers and companies that are operating illegally or unacceptably; these were linked in a deliberately misleading way by the program to Moncler.”

The Italian luxury company also came under fire by the same show for allegedly moving a portion of its production out of Italy and into eastern European countries as a means to cut labor costs. However, Moncler stated that it had not transferred production to the regions because it has always been there.

The company stated that it will take all necessary legal actions against the program’s claims.