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NimkarTek Partners With Modint to Improve Dutch Textile Industry

NimkarTek and The Dutch National Trade Association for Fashion (MODINT) are working together for safer products, sustainable garment production and better working conditions throughout the Netherlands’s textile supply chain.

The consultancy company recently announced its collaboration with Modint, which will provide the association’s members and suppliers with its online training platform NOTES.

Available only to Modint members from the Netherlands and their international supply chain stakeholders, NimkarTek Online Training For Environment and Sustainability (NOTES) covers training requirements, including textile testing skills, chemical management, safety data sheets, restricted substances lists, manufacturing substances lists and management advice for restricted chemical groups (alkylphenol ethoxylates, perfluorocarbons and phthalates).

NimkarTek’s partnership with Modint follows nationwide efforts to tackle environmental and social issues within the global textile supply chain this year. In March, the Dutch government, industry organizations, civil society organizations and trade unions joined forces to form an agreement under the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) to improve garment factory conditions in nations including Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Turkey.

Global supply chain issues addressed in the agreement included protection from child labor, protection from forced labor, discrimination protection, achieving a living wage, a healthier environment for employees, conserving raw materials and reducing the amount of chemicals and energy used within the textile manufacturing process at factories.

SER said that the agreement offers participants the opportunity to work together and tackle these issues that wouldn’t be manageable individually. Once an annual improvement plan is drafted by participating enterprises, organizations and trade unions will support these initiatives and involve their local partners.

The Dutch government will also work with other production countries’ governments on a legislative level about improving environmental footprint and working conditions. All parties will issue a joint report each year under the agreement about the results achieved from the process.

With funding and signatures from 35 Dutch companies in the industry, the agreement will impact the global textile supply chain greatly. The agreement allows companies such as NimkarTek to collaborate with organizations including Modint, to increase sustainability and improve human rights in developing countries.