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Pivot88 Says its New Quality Control Software Fosters Sustainability

The quality of every garment starts with the quality of its fabric—and Pivot88’s new software is designed to make the process of inspecting fabric quality easier and more efficient for brands and manufacturers.

FabX was created to help facilitate important fabric quality inspections, Pivot88 said. It captures images and information throughout the process to provide a complete picture of a product run and to inform analytics for future productions.

“The app uses the standard four-point system for all fabric inspections. All inspection results are automatically calculated based on your business’ rules. Defects are easy to capture with just a few clicks,” Pivot88 said. “Photos can be taken and annotated with color and comments to clearly identify defects. Submitted inspection reports are instantly available on the web platform for quick review.”

FabX should reduce both costs and time to market for brands while increasing both transparency and sustainability as a result of fewer mistakes resulting in reduced waste, according to Pivot88. Its four-point system has also been endorsed by the American Apparel Manufacturing Association (AAMA) along with the American Society of Quality Control (ASQC).

With real-time visibility of performance analytics and immediate notifications of quality failures based on a manufacturer’s own standards, FabX’s “one single version of the truth” should also help to eliminate excess emails and inspection filings that would otherwise take up time, space and decision-making energy.

“Every garment production cycle starts with fabric, and defective fabric results in high-cost and delays if not detected early on in the process,” Pivot88 said.

In 2019, Pivot88 CEO Stephane Boivin spoke to Sourcing Journal about the importance of quality control and traceability in the supply chain as verification and authenticity become ever more important in the age of luxury resale and counterfeits.

Veit Geise, former vice president of sourcing at VF Corporation, partnered with the firm in August to create The L88P, another program designed to detect flaws in products earlier in the manufacturing process.

Pivot88 will offer two access models for FabX, a $119 monthly plan and an annual $1,188 subscription.