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SGS Moves Textile Testing Lab to Mexico

SGS is relocating its textile testing to a larger location in Mexico.

The testing and certification company announced that it moved its textile testing laboratory to Industrial Park Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico. This location is a prominent area of Mexico’s textile manufacturing and sourcing sector.

ISO 17025, SGS’s new facility, is accredited by the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA) and at 1,200 square meters (more than 12,000 square feet), provides SGS with the space to conduct audit solutions, inspection and testing to the textile supply chain from raw materials to fulfillment.

SGS’s new laboratory brings several advancements to Mexico’s textile testing industry. At Industrial Park Naucalpan, SGS’s technical team will be able to deliver testing in accordance with Mexican norms, ISO, AATCC and ASTM methods which include colorfastness, flammability, physical testing and shrinkage.

New testing capabilities also are available for other products beyond textiles and apparel. Accessories, backpacks, handbags, home textiles, luggage and paper can also be tested at SGS’s new laboratory.

The expansion and relocation adds to Mexico’s placement among other nations involved in the global textile supply chain. It is reported that Mexico is the fourth largest supplier of apparel, textiles, threads and leather products to the United States, delivering about $7.5 billion last year.

The new textile testing laboratory location heightens Mexico’s textile industry advancements and also ensures that SGS’s clients achieve product safety compliance in today’s competitive market.