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Boohoo, TK Maxx Under Fire in Fur Mislabeling Investigation

Some U.K. fashion brands are coming under fire for allegedly mislabeling real fur as faux in their apparel, accessories and footwear products.

Las week, members of parliament started a probe into the mislabeling of real animal fur products, following a recent investigation conducted by U.K. media company Sky News.

U.K. apparel giants involved in the inquiry included Boohoo, House of Fraser, Missguided and TK Maxx, all of which, according to the Sky News investigation, had products advertised as faux fur when fiber testing allegedly confirmed these products contained actual fox, mink, rabbit and raccoon dog fur.

Evidence from the investigation and other evidence from non-profit Humane Society International were presented to the U.K.’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, which is currently working to remedy animal product labeling issues, according to Sky News. The committee also questioned representatives from Boohoo, House of Fraser and Missguided about the investigation’s results and proper supply chain management. Following the investigation, some retailers, including Amazon, Boohoo and TK Maxx, apologized for falsely advertising their animal fur products, removed items in question from sale and worked with suppliers to address animal welfare risks.

“We are very disappointed that on this occasion our high standards have been breached by the suppliers from who these items have been sourced,” Boohoo told Sky News following the investigation. “The items in question were immediately removed from sale and the breach of the policy and its standards is being investigated as a matter of urgency.”

Fur farming was banned from the U.K. in 2000, however Humane Society International said the nation is still importing fur from countries that do not engage in proper animal welfare standards, and, as such, the organization is seeking a ban on fur imports. Other nations, like Norway, have decided to phase out fur farms by 2025, in a move to reduce animal cruelty and enforce more ethical fashion choices.

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The committee will also discuss whether the labeling of real animal fur and fake fur products can be improved and enforced by the government, as news outlets and the public continue to criticize U.K. fashion brands for falsely advertising their products.

“Sky News has really put the fake faux fur scandal on the map. The public interest has been huge, so we’re pleased that Parliament is taking these concerns seriously,” Claire Bass, Human Society International U.K.’s executive director, told the publication. “This inquiry will present compelling evidence to ban fur imports, trail blazing a moral standard against an outdated trade that has no place in modern society.”